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The benefits to teachers for using WazzCards

WazzCards was created with parents in mind. Here are a few things parents will love:

Dollars and sense

Remember receiving allowance as a kid? Did you learn how to save your riches? Teach your kids how to manage their finances from an early age with WazzCards.

Information on financial literacy is provided for Grades 3-8 for kids to learn about the basics of preparing for their financial future.

WazzCards assists your kids in becoming money smart, which can lead them down the path to achieving financial stability in the long run.


Get involved

Stay connected with your students and teach in a real-time virtual classroom.

Worried about student engagement? Access to classroom stats at the completion of the lesson will help you keep track of your students’ performance.

Gain teacher insight into the challenges affecting your students’ subject comprehension.

Share in the fun

Digital content for Grades 3-8 subjects in our deck library is created by certified teachers.

Be interactive – share your classroom link through various means and to Google Classroom.

You can use video-conferencing tools (Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, and more) to facilitate WazzCards lessons.


We’ve made it easy with Google

Creating a virtual classroom couldn’t be easier with the use of Google Sign-In.

WazzCards works with Google accounts. Sign in with your Google Classroom account or your Google account.



Whether it’s a pop quiz or lesson time, use the subject decks to educate your students at your own pace.



See how students engage with and comprehend the deck questions shown, and help them retain the knowledge gained.

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