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Features Free plan
US$0 /month
Premium Plan
US$3 /month
US$36 /year
Create a virtual classroom Included Included
Number of virtual classrooms / codes 2 Unlimited
Number of students in a class 10 Unlimited
Real-time view of attendees Included Included
Connect using Google Classroom ID Included Included
Share class results to Google Classroom Included Included
Email support Included Included
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Every Plan With WazzCards Includes:

Create a virtual classroom

Select a deck, start the class and lesson and go through the deck first on your own to formulate a lesson plan, create a new classroom selecting the same deck, copy the classroom link and send to your students, start the class and wait for your attendees to join.

Number of students in a class

Number of how many students/attendees can join your virtual classroom

Email Support

Email any questions, concerns or bugs to [email protected]

Connect using Google Classroom ID

Sign in with your Google Classroom ID if applicable, or with your Gmail account

Share class results to Google Classroom

The tally of students’/attendees’ results is provided upon deck completion and can be shared to Google Classroom, if applicable.

Real-time view of attendees

Teachers can view in real-time how students/attendees are answering questions correctly, incorrectly or not at all.

Frequently Asked

What is WazzCards?

WazzCards is a teaching tool that comes with curated decks of various subjects for various grades, including a focus on financial literacy, presented in a virtual classroom setting. Select a deck from our library, go through the multiple choice questions and create your lecture around the content, then quiz your students on your lecture using the same deck. You can use our virtual classroom for in-person or remote education.

Can I book a demo?

Yes, book a demo with us. We will demonstrate how WazzCards works for your students either for in-class or remote education.

How do I login?

Simply create your WazzCards users account and select one of our plans.

How do I have my students join WazzCards?

You can use any video-conferencing tool you currently use with your students. Simply logon into your WazzCards account, select a deck from our library, copy the WazzCards classroom link in the dashboard and share with your students via your video-conferencing chat. Ask your students to join by clicking on the link shared in the chat and then entering their first name, and voila, they will appear in your virtual classroom.

How do you charge my credit card?

You have the option to pay for a monthly or annual subscription.

Can I use WazzCards anywhere in the world to teach?

Yes, you can be anywhere in the world and have your students join your virtual classroom. You can have up to 50 students in a classroom. We’ve made it simple: select a deck from our library, prepare your lecture or lesson around our prepopulated decks, use a video-conferencing tool to give your lecture, and share your WazzCards classroom link with your class in the chat. Then you’re ready to go!

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