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Teach your child from a list of subjects, including a focus on financial literacy, while inspiring retention and good study habits with the use of our subject decks created by certified teachers. WazzCards features financial literacy

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The benefits to parents for using WazzCards

WazzCards was created with parents in mind. Here are a few
things parents will love:

Teach your kids to be savvy with

Remember receiving allowance as a kid? Did you learn how to save your riches? Teach your kids how to manage their finances from an early age with WazzCards.

Information on financial literacy is provided for Grades 3-8 for kids to learn about the basics of preparing for their financial future.

WazzCards assists your kids in becoming money smart, which can lead them down the path to achieving financial stability in the long run.

Make learning fun

Create different activities with your kids to facilitate a fun learning environment.

Use WazzCards to develop a challenging game of wits for your study group.

Whether it’s going solo, with a tutor, or with classmates, everyone can use WazzCards to learn their favorite subjects.

Easy and stress-free

Everything you need is at your fingertips. Sign in to create your virtual classroom, pick one of the decks created by certified teachers from our deck library, share your link, and you’re ready to go.

Track correct and incorrect answers in real-time.

Learn from the updated curriculum for Math, Science, Language, Health, Social Studies and more.

How WazzCards can work for you


Whether it’s a pop quiz or lesson time, use the subject decks to educate your kids at your own pace.


See how students engage with and comprehend the deck questions shown, and help them retain the knowledge gained.

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